You got Video in my Django at Django Toronto

Realized this morning that I offered to do a quick talk on how to get video running on your web-site at the Django Toronto tomorrow.  So I've put together a small demonstration that shows creating HLS and RTMP streams (using nginx-rtmp), and a quick demo showing how to push to the server using a video-for-linux source (i.e. a web cam). This isn't a "turn key" solution talk, but a "how the bits and pieces work" talk, so it'll go over what the gstreamer pipelines do, not the high-level stuff like deciding whether to present flash video or HLS to a given user.  I also likely won't talk too much about multiple-encoding video for H264/Webm, as that won't actually work with nginx-rtmp anyway.

I should note that the approach I'm showing isn't how we do video for my clients, as they have their own "turn key" solution for the video stuff, this is just raw gstreamer stuff that you'll find documented all over the interwebs coupled with nginx-rtmp.


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