Did I just create another Inotify Interface?

This is one of those moments where you finish something and think "why did I go and do that?"

I recall an hour or two ago thinking "you know, wouldn't it be nice to have inotify integrated into Twisted", and that lead me into reading the Inotify man-page, which lead to me thinking "oh, that's a pretty small API" which somehow (and this is where I get a little fuzzy) thinking "why don't I just implement that in ctypes" which is a bit confusing, because I use inotifyx all the time, so why did I think that precisely... and through some thinking or other I wound up here, with a brand-spanking new inotify interface in Python via ctypes.

It has no particular advantage over inotifyx, and as of yet doesn't properly report the errno values for incorrect usage, but if for some reason you need a pure-python-via-ctypes inotify interface, here it is:



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