First Snap Package Doesn't Impress

So with the move to 20.04 I've now run into my first package (rocketchat-desktop) that has given up on debian packages and only provides a snap package... and... well... it just doesn't run. It installs, it pretends to run and exits without any obvious error or message, but nothing happens.

Luckily this particular package is just an electron wrapper around a web browser, but... sigh. Coders, we have to deal with failure cases when deciding on technologies... I don't see any obvious way to debug why the snap doesn't run. AFAICT it's trying to run `/usr/lib/snapd/snap-exec rocketchat-desktop` in the container (or maybe it's just a sandbox, IDK). The snap-exec seems to be executable, but I get a permission denied if I try to run it from the --shell...

So for now, I'll just have to run the app in a regular web window. Which is just ever so slightly less convenient than the desktop app, but far less bother than trying to debug something as complex as the snap execution environment.


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