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On Counting (Example strikes me as "off"...)

Okay, this is getting into pure epistomology more than design epistomology, but it's something that's disturbing me as I read. Basically, Dicker's summary of Kant is trying to build up the central argument I described a few posts ago, namely that based on our perceptions of reality we can understand how it is that we ...

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Kant's object-ivity (Reading on the TTC)

About the most exciting thing to happen today was reading the book on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Luckily it was fairly exciting, mostly because there seems to be something wrong with his formulation (at least, as presented in the book). It's not that the formulation is wrong per se, but that it assumes something ...

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Having trouble with describing perception (Don't have a good feel for the audience's knowledge of the subject)

I've been starting and restarting the next section of the thesis rewrite for an hour or so now. It's such a vast topic, and I really haven't got a good idea of how to present it to someone yet (I really need someone with whom to discuss these things). The original treatment worked from the ...

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Compile farm account (Problems with PyOpenGL on RedHat)

I finally registered for a SourceForge compile farm account. Steven has been reporting failures to build on RedHat, so I figure I need a platform on which to test and debug. Should have it sometime tomorrow. Then just find the time to actually fix the problem.

I've been reading "Kant's Theory of Knowledge" by Georges ...

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Definition of Design pt. 2 (When you forget to read the outline as you type...)

Reading the original outline I realised that my definition so far left off a number of key points. So, tack this onto the end (it feels tacked on when you read the whole thing through, will have to edit them into something a little less jarring):

What about “paper designs” or other unrealized plans; does ...

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Definition of Design (Drafting a better introduction...)

The following is a very rough first draft of rewriting the introduction to my thesis. The summaries of Kant and Hume are a little too brief, I guess I'll have to flesh them out eventually. Anyway, here goes:

The problem with writing about design theory is that by and large designers and artists are mistrustful ...

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Two half books (Neither particularly relevant)

Spent the day on two books. The first was "The Projective Cast: Architecture and Its Three Geometries" which was, as you will recall, something to which I was rather looking forward. This is a very large book (about 360 pages), of which I only read the first 250 today. Honestly the thesis just hasn't popped ...

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The Path-and-Place metaphor (Why it doesn't satisfy...)

There's always a danger, when you start into describing the operation of the human mind in order to describe how to get something done (e.g. design a building). It's tempting to reduce the entirety of human perception down to a simple metaphor or process, something that can be readily understood. The problem is, human perception ...

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Existence, Space and Architecture (an older book by Christian Norberg Schulz)

The first book I picked it up this afternoon sounded fascinating, it's approach sounding very similar to my own, and I figured maybe I had found a kindred spirit. I decided that, rather than read it at the library, I'd keep looking for other books to take along with me, on the assumption that I'd ...

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