Oh, yes, yesterday (Gifts and weddings and such-a-like)

Everything yesterday went as-expected. Mom came into town with Aunt Marg (who's still incredibly spritely for an 80+ woman) and her nephew and niece (Ken and Marilyn). Mom seemed to like her gift (a Royal Daulton figurine).

The wedding was rather larger than I'd expected (Shademan has a lot of family). Got to meet Yvonne (Shiva's friend from Sherraton College) and her mother. Saw Shanaz, Andrew and Michael (her two boys). Met Shademan's sister and her daughter (Raphaela). Saw a number of people I haven't seen in quite some time.

Dance afterward was fun, but I really should not have worn the new shoes, the heels in them dig into the back of my heel, and what with all the dancing they managed to completely strip off the skin. Ouch. Still, it was worth it, there's very little so wonderful as dancing with beautiful women, and there were rather a lot of beautiful women there last night, many even willing to dance with me :) .


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