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And so I remember next time (Should have thought of it earlier, but the sketch said to go the other way...)

Oh, I figured out a simpler way to handle the numeric api module overriding of the base module's functions. Since the functions have identical signatures, I can just have the numeric module's initialiser load the base module and change the vtable using the base module's defined names for each function, i.e:

pyopenglbaseapi[ PyObject_FromDoubleArray_NUM ] = ...

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How many support modules, that is the question (PyOpenGL after kebabs...)

Got home rather early from the dinner at Dave and Shabnam's place. We made kebabs (meat and onions barbequed on flat metal skewers). This is the second time we've tried that. This time was far more successful, with the primary advance being to switch to doing much smaller individual kebabs and being gentle when flipping ...

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