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Is Linux an infinite time sink? (Another evening disappears with no progress toward a useable desktop...)

Actually, some serious regression...

Knowing that there were 4 or 5 security fixes needed for the Linux kernel, I booted into Gentoo to update. Actually, I booted in to see if Eric3 could create a UML diagram for Cinemon for Tim, but once that failed (well, once Tim's finger slipped and destroyed the layout) I ...

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PyDispatcher in the wild (Always nice to see work-product get used...)

"Golden Spud" has posted an introduction to his attempt to bring PyQt's signals/slots mechanism to wxPython. He's not using all of PyDispatcher's capabilitites (for instance, he's matching the consumer and producer signatures manually instead of letting PyDispatcher unify the arguments), but it is interesting to see it get used. (I didn't create PyDispatcher, I just ...

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