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And so it ends... (Pretty much, anyway)

Just checked in the last official changes to Cinemon. Didn't get a chance to work on the importer fixes, spent the whole day (and an extra 1/2 day for that matter) converting just about everything to the new-style UI. Need to get to bed now so I can get up early and get the shopping ...

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Should I take a week off? (Unpaid, but a chance to catch up on languishing projects...)

I'm considering whether to take a week of unpaid vacation to work on the various Open Source projects on which I've been falling behind. Particularly PyOpenGL and OpenGLContext, but also wxOO, PyTable and BasicProperties. PyOpenGL is the project that needs the most TLC, but all of them are needing some attention.

Thing ...

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Cinemon work draws to a close (Hard deadlines focus the mind admirably...)

So, at the management meeting on Wednesday we realised that we just can't afford to keep developing Cinemon with the current business arrangement. So, today is the last day of work on it until we manage to secure some funding.

The effect has been marvelous. No more working on long-term features, no more worrying about ...

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