Long day's slog... (Dragged back into the lion's den)

Today I had to work on Cinemon again (Bryan and Tim dropped in to work on it). We are finally getting customer interest in building a hierarchy (major part of the functionality). Spent hours trying to use the web interface and eventually had to give up because it's way too slow on the machine. Wrote up a script to do the equivalent in about 10 minutes (and it's much easier to alter and re-run than using the GUI, for that matter).

Noticed as Tim was debugging something that by creating a new cursor all over the place we seem to be doing a lot more work that we need to (which might begin to explain some of the slowness, but not all of it). Probably should alter PyTable to include cursor caching.

Also quite a few simple bugs and mis-features showing up with this, (AFAIK) the first attempt to actually use the (huge) data-importing sub-system (it's been tested on small data-sets hundreds of times, obviously). Performance is going to have to be a serious focus ASAP to make the system really saleable.


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