Look, it's a former girlfriend... (Searching for a chance to use the camera!)

Merchant of Venice was more racist than I recalled. Fairly well presented, though we both found that the sections we remembered as the most effective were not particularly remarkable. Particularly, the "hath not a Jew" speech and the "quality of mercy" speech were fairly lack-lustre, which is somewhat surprising given the power of the text.

Anyway, used the opportunity to snap a picture of the former gf. It's amazing how little I've used the camera since trading it for my scanner. I just don't get out of the house enough to really make use of it. Of course, the original idea was to use the camera to create a texture library for doing VR/3D work, but I don't do that much 3D work day-to-day, so I don't have all that much impetus to collect the pictures.

Oh, and before anyone starts in with the "what was a woman like that doing with an ugly old troll like him" comments, don't worry, she came to her senses and moved on to other things. She's still probably my best friend, which feels weird sometimes, but is something I cherish. She made the Dean's list, and got a rather significant award from the University, which seems to bode well (IMO) for getting into a Master's program. A good week all-in-all.

Managed to get in around 4 hours of walking if I'm calculating correctly, which doesn't quite make up for missing the hike, but does mean I can say I didn't entirely miss the weekend. Tomorrow, however, is going to be missed. Must get some serious work done before starting on Tony's project (or maybe the EFT server) on Monday.


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