Automating page-forwarding, an admin script (Generating silent-forwarding pages for sites...)

I've just finished the move to the domain. One of the things I wanted to do was to make sure that anyone linking to the old site would get redirected to the new site automatically.

I intend to keep the Rogers account around for a while, so I can put page-forwarding code on it. Thing is, I didn't want to write some hairy CGI to try to create a page to forward visitors to the new site. What I wanted was to generate a page for each html page on the old site (I'm not going to delete the non-html files) that redirects to it's equivalent page on 15 minutes later (including testing), I've got a beautiful little mirror hierarchy built.

Redirecting the blog, of course, was trivially easy even compared to that, thanks to Zope. Ironically, however, I can't post the code for the pure-Python forwarder here, because something in CoreBlog (the Zope-based blogging software that runs this blog) doesn't seem to properly encode % escapes.


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