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This getting up early business sure warps the day... (Working before noon is wrong in some way)

Other than some brief over-the-phone debugging, mostly worked on little issues all day, adding links to various pages, refactoring things, adding paging to a long table views, the kind of cleanup you need to do before a project becomes a product.

Still quite a bit to do that way, but that's tomorrow's bugbear. Tonight I'm ...

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New TwistedSNMP goodness heading into the world (Happy little SNMP sprite challenges the darkness...)

Only changes are to the BisectOIDStore; allowing it to have sub-OIDStores registered for handling a given table, and allowing it to have callable objects registered to return dynamically calculated values for a given OID.

Those were just features I needed for testing Cinemon, but they should make the writing of test code far simpler in ...

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