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Nov. 1, 2004 - Nov. 7, 2004

Am I really so boring? (Don't answer that...)

Went to a friend's birthday party this evening. Other than those I already knew, just about everyone was "highly successful", (particularly lots of lawyers and a doctor or two). Thing is, I didn't connect with any of them. That is, in the entire evening I didn't have a single conversation about anything interesting (with someone ...

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PyOpenGL grows FreeGLUT support (And other little post-work tasks...)

Spent three or four hours getting PyOpenGL to support FreeGLUT 2.x, no big deal really, just a hack to tell the build system to consider it to be the most modern version of GLUT (and thus to build the whole base-GLUT API), and then wrappers for the FreeGLUT-specific methods/constants.

After that turned my attention to ...

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Why aren't women allowed to notice that other women are "hot"? (Seems like a perfectly reasonable observation...)

Had a lady remark that one of my friends was "hot" in her hallowe'en costume, then immediately explain it with "though I'm a girl, so I'm not supposed to notice things like that".

I mean, sure, men have been raised to be homophobic and neurotic about their own sexuality enough that it's understood they are ...

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Oh, and speaking of billing (Though I try not to do that as much as possible...)

Turns out that my time on Monday at the client's client was un-billable... grrr.

Six hours of high-stress "emergency" @#$P dealing with someone else's poor planning (pulling us off of other projects with 10 minutes notice and then neglecting to give us key information), and we can't even charge regular rates for the two of ...

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Long day with Nevow (SIP project UI redesign...)

Well, since I got the first 90% done in 11 hours, I guess I should expect that the last 10% will take 99 hours (using the old 90:10 rule). Today was all just web-UI stuff, creating forms, wiring them up to the database, realising that they needed schema changes, changing that, then changing all the ...

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Hmm, OpenGLUT/FreeGLUT steals my weekend (Well, part of it...)

Apparently Fedora Core 2 is now using FreeGLUT, so PyOpenGL needs to grow somewhat to support that (it uses different API version declarations at the very least, and has some extra features as well).

Not that upset about it, I've also got an invitation to a b-day party for a pair of very attractive and ...

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It's been way too long since I listened to Brave New Waves (Ogg stream reminds me that I've been neglecting experimentalism...)

The CBC, Canada's public broadcaster has had a long-running experimental-music show, Brave New Waves, which I used to listen to back in University (using a plain old stereo). I would actually listen to the CBC most of the day while doing my thesis, switching back and forth between CBC1 and CBC2 as various ...

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Is my only muse insomnia (Little bit of poetry refuses to leave my mind...)

Dashing the poor poetry against the rock of self-publishing should teach it better than to keep me up at night.

This is largely a reaction to something a friend once told me, namely that she just wanted a relationship where she could feel something when it ended. It's somewhat foreign to me, because I tend ...

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Gee these days are getting a bit too long... (Oh well, SIP project is basically finished...)

Moved the SIP project to about 90% finished. Everything is there technically (save actually testing with the hardware, which I can't do myself), but needs some UI polishing to be pretty enough for a real demo.

Went to the restaurant Jerusalem this evening for the management meeting... the food was far better than the usual ...

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