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Nov. 8, 2004 - Nov. 14, 2004

Science fiction lectures finish (Things that make you go "where's the beef")

[As all the avid readers know, I've been trying to listen to various lecture series while working in order to keep myself from going batty with lack of intellectual variety.]

I just finished the Science Fiction lecture series... and was rather disappointed with it compared to the philosophy series. Probably the greatest disappointment was that, ...

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Oh happy day (maybe) (A pox on relational databases...)

I seem to have worked around the big nasty evil database bug. And how, you may ask? By adding a completely extraneous commit into the middle of the hierarchy parsing code. ARGH. There's no reason for it to help, there's no way it should change anything. It's just some silly locking artefact where a SELECT ...

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Long, fruitless day trying to reproduce an error (And it's only 4-1/2 hours old)

Bryan and one of his peoples are experiencing what appears to be the "big nasty evil database bug" (formerly the "evil database bug") where the database (b)locks in the middle of a hierarchy import (which is the only database operation that's occuring).

This has a lot of secondary effects, as once the database thread is ...

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BasicProperty boundaries (A simple example of use...)

Instead of going to bed I wound up creating a use-case sample for boundaries. This is actually one of the tasks Tim was wanting to accomplish. I don't actually have the huge regex he was using to do the "is it the correct format" check, so I cobbled one together for demonstration purposes.

I've linked ...

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Pair programming twice in one day! (Weird...)

Wound up doing a code review (I know, not really pair programming) for D'Arcy and then some actual pair programming with Tim this evening. Tim was trying to use BasicProperty's data-value checking for doing web-form validation and was rather frustrated with it.

No reason it couldn't work, it's just that the generality of BasicProperty would ...

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