OpenGLContext grows more Interpolators (Morphing and moving and colouring and fading! Oh my!)

Spent an hour or two on OpenGLContext last night. In particular, generalised the OrientationInterpolator code into a generic Interpolator and sub-classes for position, colour, scalar, orientation, and coordinate interpolators. Only VRML97 interpolator node still missing is NormalInterpolator, which is both very rare and a bit of a pain to create (because it requires a quaternion for every single normal in a potentially large set, which should use custom code to do the quaternion operations on the entire matrix at once (otherwise it'll be really slow)).

With the interpolators so implemented the VRML97 browser is capable of displaying most looping VRML97 animations (non-looping VRML generally requires scripting).

There was another minor core-routing-system fix to get the coordinate interpolator working, just a missing dispatcher connection. Oh, in case you're wondering, CoordinateInterpolators are the VRML97 expression of "morphing". They reshape geometry by smoothly merging sets of coordinates into one another.

Anyway, Steven's coming over for the SIP-pager project in around 3 hours, so I need to get cracking on getting the rest of my day's work out of the way now-ish-ly.


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