A nap and then OpenGLContext (TimeSensor and OrientationInterpolator implemented...)

Had to sleep for 3 hours or so to give my hands a chance to rest, but then I sat down to work on OpenGLContext. Decided that the most important issue was the lack of easily accessible animated content, so set about fixing that.

The TimeSensor node is basically just a wrapper around the Timer. It tries to follow VRML97 semantics, but it doesn't try too hard. Eventually I'll likely break VRML97 compatability to make it useful :) . Required making the RenderPass note all TimeDependent nodes... should likely make it able to note any node with a "bind" method...

Writing the OrientationInterpolator required some hacking deep within the vrml.field module. Basically it required that I finally implement Events and figure out a way to register a method for handling an incoming event (define an on_event_name method). Should likely make that apply to field-value setting as well.

Anyway, code is in CVS for those who want to try it out early.


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