Day dissolves (Fragmented work-day doesn't produce much...)

I know I did work today, but given that length of time spent, it doesn't seem like much. Wound up having interruptions (D'Arcy's call, Tim's visit and the management meeting) that kind of chopped the day into little fragments (I don't work well when there's someone in the room, I'm just driven to talk to them... though that does wear off after a few months... somewhat).

We decided we're going to start having daily 15 minute meetings. Probably means we're going to use something like a VOIP server or a conference-call service. I gather X-lite can do some conference-call operations, but I don't know what it will require from the SIP server to accomplish the mixing (or even how many streams it can mix).

Speaking of X-lite, the SIP-server project is moving somewhat forward, Steven is dropping in tomorrow to get a walk-through of the code.


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