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It's annoying when I can't seem to think straight (PyGame font should be so simple... and yet...)

Been working on fixing the PyGame font renderer in OpenGLContext. This was broken by a fix to the bitmap renderer a month ago. Problem is, the original code had this wonky set of transformations that look like they should effectively cancel each other out, but which worked perfectly well with the (wonky) previous rendering scheme ...

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Wow, Andromeda ends darkly... (Spoiler warning...)

Couldn't sleep, so decided to plough through a few of the PVR'd shows piling up on the hard disk. They included the last 2 episodes of Andromeda. Um... dark. Everyone dies save the hero who decides to flee... even the heroine that the hero (who eventually flees) convinces she shouldn't flee.

I mean, yes, it ...

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Eating, napping and graphics (Good finish to the day I suppose...)

Cooked up some curry this evening. Wasn't that spectacular, mostly because it burned a little in the wok. Rosey is still sick, so she went to bed before trying it.

After eating I was just so exhausted I took a nap. Got up around 1am and decided to fix a bug that's been annoying me ...

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