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Wow, where did *that* day go? (Gotta love meetings...)

Good day, all-in-all. Much of it spent on documentation. A bit on making the demo code a little less CPU-greedy (though not quite there yet), and the meeting with Steven.

Also flipped bits on 10 or so "billable" items... almost a month's work... I didn't count, but it's probably 200 or more hours. If we ...

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Mmm... sales (Well, sales documentation...)

Wound up taking almost 3/4 of an hour explaining a new (heuristic) feature (that triggered a little too readily last night) to Bryan in email (and coming up with a way to improve it as I did), so not as much of the "what's in the box" document as I'd planned, but I did get ...

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OpenGLContext grows more Interpolators (Morphing and moving and colouring and fading! Oh my!)

Spent an hour or two on OpenGLContext last night. In particular, generalised the OrientationInterpolator code into a generic Interpolator and sub-classes for position, colour, scalar, orientation, and coordinate interpolators. Only VRML97 interpolator node still missing is NormalInterpolator, which is both very rare and a bit of a pain to create (because it requires a quaternion ...

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