It's annoying when I can't seem to think straight (PyGame font should be so simple... and yet...)

Been working on fixing the PyGame font renderer in OpenGLContext. This was broken by a fix to the bitmap renderer a month ago. Problem is, the original code had this wonky set of transformations that look like they should effectively cancel each other out, but which worked perfectly well with the (wonky) previous rendering scheme for bitmaps.

I have another working set of transformations, but I'm still left with this bad taste in my mouth. The entire operation should be dump to array, flip top-to-bottom, and display, but instead I wind up with an extra rotate and then a reshape at the end... that means the array is actually filled with garbage data at the end of the transformation, but somehow it just works. Obviously I'm getting one of my dimensions messed up, I just don't see where.

Oh well, code works as written, it's just annoying to me.


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