OpenGLContext grows basic Viewpoint support (Really, really basic...)

Fixed yet another really-really-really core system bug. Hard to believe such things could be in there that deep and never cause an error until now. This time it was in the "find" method that searches a scenegraph for out-of-order nodes. It was incorrectly generating it's flattened "todo" list, so was returning entirely invalid node-paths.

At the moment all the Viewpoint node does is configure the initial position and orientation to equal the position of the first Viewpoint in the file. Still, that's useful for avoiding the "I'm floating in space with the model kilometers away" problems.

Also built a little tool that shows the keyboard and keypress events that are generated. Unfortunately, the events are currently not-quite-right for the GLUT context. It's reporting both of them as final processed codes, rather than one being raw and the other processed. Sigh.

Anyway, think I need a rest, so I'll likely call that a weekend and get to sleep early so that tomorrow Cinemon can fly forward into glory and light (have to fix a heuristic that's a little too sensitive).


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