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Since everyone's always wanted to know (The view out Mikey's window as he works...)

Have to be careful lest I create a photo-blog (no-one wants that!) For those in other areas, yes, this is what downtown Toronto (particularly the Forest Hill area) looks like in Winter.

Continuing to play with the camera. Very impressive for still-life shots (though I haven't much to use for subject-matter). Getting a better feel ...

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Toys are fun! (Finally get around to buying the camera...)

As regular readers (all four of you) will know, I've been intending to buy a new digital camera to replace the one for which I traded my scanner (sight-unseen) many months ago. So, today I finally made the time to go down to College Street and pick one up.

As intended, I bought the Powershot ...

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Hoarse and deaf, without a decent conversation to show for it (How to discourage intellectuals from hanging out in your establishment...)

Went to a friend's birthday party tonight. Was held at the Trane Studio (a bar of sorts). The music was good (live, for the most part), no complaints there. It's just that it was so loud that the only way to make oneself heard was to scream in one another's ears. It only took 30 ...

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