Since everyone's always wanted to know (The view out Mikey's window as he works...)

Have to be careful lest I create a photo-blog (no-one wants that!) For those in other areas, yes, this is what downtown Toronto (particularly the Forest Hill area) looks like in Winter.

Continuing to play with the camera. Very impressive for still-life shots (though I haven't much to use for subject-matter). Getting a better feel for the shooting delay, but it's still pretty long for trying to catch natural expressions.

Anyway, another friend's birthday party this evening. Think I'll take the camera along to practice. So different having 500+ shots instead of 10. May try the continuous-shot mode some more (that's how I took that picture of Rosey below). Problem is that people always want to look poised and collected, which makes for boring shots... guess vanity's the price you pay for free models.

Speaking of models. Should try to get some work done on OpenGLContext before I go to the party... it's just that I'd so much rather play with the new toy...

[Had to re-write this post as the stupid UPS decided to once again fail during a brownout. Dang thing is more sensitive to power fluctuations than the computers, and whenever it tries to switch off mains and onto battery it just drops the ball, so I lose power more than Rosey's machine that just has the surge suppressor.]


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