More trips down memory lane (Care of Picasa...)

I've just spent a few hours going through old folders of sketches and projects. Have added quite a few new images to the eye-candy page. Also removed all the second-generation sketches from the graphics page, replacing them with the "new" sketches from the eye candy page. I've left them in the eye candy page 'cause they're exactly that.

A lot of the "new" sketches are of Alexei's (former) girlfriend Crystal. She was wonderful because she would patiently sit while I sketched her (artists are so cool that way, they'll put up with a lot just to help out anyone do anything even remotely artistic). Cool person too. I rather miss her.

I was actually just sitting down to organise and generate the textures I want to include in the OpenGLContext 2.0.0 final release... never did get around to that. Oh well, probably had more fun this way :) .

In other news, tried to take a walk tonight. Way too cold to go around without a hat or mittens (I lost those some time ago), so wound up taking a bus to drop off Natasha's Christmas present.

Didn't get to talk to her, so don't really know how she's doing other than that she's been sick for a month or more. You can see in the picture that the blurring disease is really far advanced. Heck, you can practically see through her arm and the back of her head... not that she was ever particularly good at retaining mass, but it's really quite sad to see her so far gone. Good that she can still manage a smile though.


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