Long day's hacking (Not much to show...)

I try to at least make everything modestly testable, but sometimes it just seems to bog down the day's work...

I've got this fairly simple requirement; rescan unresolved records in the CMTS tables every minute or two to determine whether the modem has come back online. That was pretty easy to write. The problem is then writing a simulation which triggers it. Okay, only takes an hour or so, but then the problem is figuring out how to test the results of the scenario. Blah. Anywho, still working on that last one.

In other news, Rose's friend sent her a trojan via MS Messenger, on clicking on it she wound up sending 100 copies out. She knows better, it was just a twitch reaction clicking on an okay button.

Found a reference for the TV Capture card. Apparently updating to the latest Video For Linux snapshot and replacing the kernel modules should solve the problem. I so don't feel like doing that... it would be nice to get that last major item taken care of, though.


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