TV-on-Linux almost working... (Or so I tell myself)

Okay, decided to spend my jittery hours seeing about getting those last few items keeping me off of linux taken care of. Item number one; Personal Video Recorder. As regular readers may remember, I've given up on MythTV and am concentrating on FreeVO (mostly because, as it's written in Python, I might have a chance of fixing problems I encounter).

Apparently while I've been away FreeVO has been updated. It now works with a little application called TVTime, as well as the viewer that managed to destroy my X session whenever I tried to run it. So, emerged TVTime, and what do you know, the thing looks pretty good (modulo the colour being shifted heavily into the green range). It even manages to be fairly intuitive to use.

Problem is, there's no audio :( (though there are captions, but that defeats the "run it in the background" idea). Spent quite a long time trying to figure out what was wrong. Still not much closer. I'm getting:

 cx8800[0]: AUD_STATUS: 0xfdb2 [mono/no pilot] ctl=BTSC_AUTO_STEREO

Poking through the code, they just appear to be logs when something tries to read the audio settings, not actual error messages. Nothing to suggest why the audio doesn't engage.

Anyway, going to kick off a KDE compile and head off to bed. Once again I am defeated by hardware on Linux. Sigh.


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