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Oh, Marjan is alive (Just doesn't check her email very often I'm told...)

I'd asked Marjan (I know, I know, stop relying on file photos!) if she'd like to go to Dan's party. She just got the email yesterday (day after the party). Sigh. How can anyone leave email unread for multiple days when they are at home? I mean, I find it refreshing when I'm away ...

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Oh, while I'm thinking about it ((I'm not actually *tired*, so I'm procrastinating about going to bed))

I really have to have a games night sometime soon. I'm thinking Cranium, rather than Scrabble (it's still in the shrink-wrap; apparently it's not as good a bait as I was led to believe... even the one that requested it hasn't shown up), since Scrabble maxes out at 4 people.

Socialisation is the greatest joy ...

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A long and involved email will sit in the queue for a good long time (Short and dealing with a single issue or idea I can respond to while tests run...)

Never did get around to finishing reading Jelle's last big email. I've written two responses already, but I'm only about 1/2 way through it, and the rest appears to be requiring some serious thought to properly answer.

I'm very bad at long emails these days, it's the kind of thing where you know it's ...

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What the wimmin-folk are up to (Sisters and friends wandering about the place...)

Lara (file photo) came by to watch the Grammies (as distinct from grams) on our TV, she's still out there singing and clapping every once in a while, then she switches over to Jerry Macguire and gets all maudlin.

Rosey (again, file photo) is beetling away (just looked that up for spelling and discovered that ...

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Presentation paper work... (Only about 1.5 months left)

D'Arcy decided to go to PyCon, so we're going to drive down together. Did some rewriting for the PyCon paper, mostly just expanding the section describing the rationalisation of various object-interactions during the 2.2 type-class unification work. That made the section longer, but didn't actually move me further through the outline. I need ...

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If the box isn't up the program won't run (I'm a software guy... not even an OS guy, really...)

After my visit to grams (she won 3:2), came home and got an email pointing out that both Cinemon instances were down. The boxes are still off the network, so there's nothing I can do about it at the moment, but it's somewhat frustrating to have the project sitting offline for this long.

Since I ...

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I still seem to be working on it (Even though I thought I was stopping after that last post...)

Got distracted from going to bed by the desire to have 4-point coplanar contours properly tessellate. Wound up having to write a new utility function to determine whether a cloud of points is coplanar.

Not a particularly involved function, just note that for all sets > 3 points, you create a vector from A to B, ...

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How quickly one forgets (Basic algebra and geometry...)

Spent the rest of the evening working on tessellation code, but never did get around to fixing the problem with the Jelle-project tessellation. Instead I realised that I had no test cases for a "combining" tessellation. To understand what that is, consider this shape... Contour Diagram

When we render this shape, we want it to look something ...

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