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I'm sure this would have been much easier for Unix gurus (Turns out there's a -u flag for cp, but CVS can't really handle DOS line endings copied into a unix checkout...)

Since Windows is hosed, I did the day's work from my Gentoo Linux partition. Today's primary task was getting the three copies of Cinemon (CVS, running CVS checkout and enhanced running CVS checkout on Win32) merged into one CVS repository after the loss of the original CVS repository (sigh). Secondary task was testing and making ...

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Have to rebuild Windows yet again (It would be *so* nice if the hardware worked in Linux so I could ditch Windows entirely...)

Woke up this morning to find that there are half a dozen infected (system) files on the Windows partition. I'd really like to know what vector they came in on :( . AVG found the problems, but the free version couldn't heal, quarantine, or otherwise touch them. I suppose I could futz around replacing the ...

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