Greed (Wade Rowland's reading this evening at U of T)

Shane and I are going down to Simon's dad's reading at U of T this evening. I made the mistake of asking him to talk about the book at Simon's party (he was kinda burned out on being asked questions at the time, felt like a bit of a heel for not picking up on that).

Anyway, from what I understand the ideas he's discussing the idea that corporations are so narrowly defined and rigidly constrained in their focus that they cannot look far enough afield to understand the negative impact of their actions. Interestingly, his response to my query about how to fix it closely reflected the thesis of my "Cathedral of Commerce" project way-back-when, namely that the only way to fix the problem is to puncture the pseudo-mystical belief in the power of the markets that claims that ultimate greed is the ultimate good.

For those reading this before 7:30, it's here:

7:30 p.m. Friday, April 15 - FREE Admission
Robert Gill Theatre
214 College Street, 3rd floor
College and St. George, Toronto

if you want to join us.


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