I Miss the Quiet Nights (Conversations with her in my arms...)

I cannot sleep (again)... though I suppose in the end I haven't really tried (how often when I can't sleep is it really that I don't want to sleep because I want to think about the thing that's keeping me awake?) Memories are haunting me again. Stupid memories.

I miss the quiet with her in my arms
Lying together on couches and floors
And the dewy grass by the lake
Long past when we should be in our bed
Hearing echoes of distant traffic
Around words circumscribing the Earth

Warmth radiating from her tiny body
Sheer enthusiasm keeping her there
Far beyond where she would normally sleep
Dark, gentle nights with a voice and a touch
Hanging 'tween life and the sky
The silences long since passed by

Ooh, look! The censor actually kicked in here! Lots and lots of paragraphs deleted because they are obviously just me feeling lonely. Should just skip the whole post, but with all the time spent on it that would seem like a waste. Environmental impulses kick in to keep it from the bit-bucket...


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