Joy of Windows (I'm such a sucker for a beautiful face...)

Friend needed help trying to repair her computer this evening. I'm really not flush enough with time to be messing about with corrupted Windows installs, but you can't just leave a lady in distress.

Turned out to be a corrupted hard disk. Also a broken CD drive, and some loose cables, with no admin password to be found. Sigh. Wound up having to install the hard disk in my machine and use the dual boot Win2K to repair it (just a simple chkdsk). Seemed to be fine after that.

Delcina and her kids are back from their trip to Hamilton. This evening Corbin got into my drawing tools and wound up playing with the compass. Of course, despite my admonitions, he let Jayden get hold of it and Jayden immediately jabbed him with the point (it's a proper compass, with a very sharp adjustable point and a lead holder). Sigh.

Turns out that all of the milk chocolate in the bag Shane gave me has melted (I'm not a huge milk-chocolate fan (I love dark chocolate), so I didn't open them until there was someone with whom to share them). Should have kept them in the fridge.

I don't yet have a way to get to the meeting in Ajax tomorrow, so it looks like I'll actually get to spend the day working before heading down to visit with Mark and Dave.


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