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Once more on the upgrade path (Trying to update Gentoo profile again)

Okay, I'm going to try updating my system to the 2005.1 profile (again). First task is to try to get a gcc version built with multilib support. Previously I managed to get it built, but then everything I built with the new compiler was non-functional (luckily it hadn't clobbered the old version yet or I ...

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Shouldn't be linked against (Refuses to load on Linux with ctypes...)

Doing some work on OpenGL-in-ctypes, I hit a bit of a wall, namely the GLUT library refuses to even load. Whenever I try it gives me a warning that it can't find glPixelStorei. Looking at the module with ldd, it does appear that there's no link to to allow for resolving the references.

Sigh. ...

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I need to spend a few years studying philosophy (Wikipedia addiction takes hold again...)

Just couldn't force myself to sit down and program today, but neither could I find anyone who wanted to get together and discuss ideas. So, being a hopeless geek, I started writing some political screed or another for you screed-loving people; but every time I referenced someone I found myself tripping through the highways and ...

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