Another small step forward for demo-kind (Sure it's a trivial environment, but it's got a certain charm...)

After visiting grams (score 3 games to 1 IIRC), spent another few hours playing with the demo "world" for OpenGLContext. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the shadows to bake properly in OpenGLContext, but here's the current state (I'm about to switch back to work-work, so this is where it'll stay for approximately another 2 weeks).

Still need to do a lot of work on the window texture. To properly show up as stained glass it needs to be more than a simple transparent texture, it needs a second texture providing gloss highlights and preturbations so that it looks like a wavy thick material. May wind up doing a "shaft of light" object for the VRML version.

The background outside the window is a little shot I took of my mother's garden when I was out there. Of course, I didn't take a set of panoramic shots (wouldn't have worked anyway), so it's of no value for the VRML version, but it does make the image a little less sterile feeling IMO.


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