The joy of infinite rebuilding

Well, not the most productive of evenings. Hung the computer a couple of times trying to get K3B to work. Discovered a dependency was needing rebuilding (revdep-rebuild), so rebuilt that, am now trying to build KDE, just to see if that was the problem on that front, so haven't tested to see if K3B is fixed. Oops, there it goes failing on the KArts server again.

Eventually gave up on the 2.6.12 kernel releases and went back to 2.6.11, whatever's keeping the cx8800 audio from working looks deep and black, and I'm just not all that interested in 2.6.12, as I doubt it will fix the KDE problem anyway.

While the KDE build was running, I've been trying to debug the OpenGL-ctypes crash when trying to run GLUT's glutInit function. For some reason the argv values is showing up as what looks like an FFI type structure (certainly doesn't look like a void ** for a string array). Still trying to figure out why on that one.

Anyway, think I've abused my hands long enough for the day.

[Later] Yet here I am, still working away. Got K3B to work again (just more rebuilding). Did my backups, but couldn't get it to write out Lua's backups. Oh well, we've got them on an off-site disk anyway, so no huge risk there.


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