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Before I slip off to sleep (Rosey is alive...)

Rose emailed this evening to say she's fine. She's in a town about an hour East of Trois Pistoles (didn't say what she's doing there). Apparently she'll be there another 2 weeks, heading back the morning of the 23rd.

Oh, other familial news, score from the game at gram's yesterday was 3:2 IIRC. In one ...

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Inter-page messaging in Django? (Django form-processing module tutorial and sessionMessage())

Just reading through the Django tutorial part four. One pattern from my own web-framework that didn't get covered is the "sessionMessage" tool. This is used when you submit a form via post, so you want to send the user to a new page, but you want to tell them what happened during the post ...

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Tear down the wall! (Or, at least, begin poking holes though it)

Today was pretty much the end of the stand-alone operations for the VOIP admin front-end (I'll decide on a real name for this project about the time I finish it, I'm sure). Other than the question of when/how billing is done (i.e. prorated or not), and a few highly-isolated (and parameterised) foreign-key references, nothing done ...

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