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The Field Guide to North American Stones

There are men whose deeds ring out across the history books
Centuries, even millenia, after they have died
Giants who molded earth and men

Others the world remembers for a generation's time
Great works for king and country fading
As brilliant medals tarnish and heros age

Yet more ply only fifteen minutes on the stage ...

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He Stands

Their waves of disappointment
Crash over this old stone
And dooming imperfections
Grow with every blow
Making waves rise higher
Until they strike him low
But for today I stand
Against the tidal flow

Tessellation doesn't crash any more (But glReadPixels will crash the whole operating system pretty hard...)

Spent some time on OpenGL-ctypes this evening. First up was eliminating the crashes in the GLU tessellation code. That was mostly just passing in the wrong values for use as callbacks (I was passing in a cCallbak, it wanted a c_void_p). Unfortunately, the tessellation doesn't seem to work yet, but at least it doesn't kill ...

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