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Have to upgrade the video card soon (Kind of ridiculous writing OpenGL software when the hardware is this out-of-date)

I currently run an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500 in my workstation. Perfectly servicable card for work, given that all of my work these days is web-app development with SVG being the most demanding graphics I do. But it doesn't have any of the newer OpenGL features that need to be wrapped for PyOpenGL (or OpenGL-ctypes). ...

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Lots of array-handling refactoring (Mmm refactored code...)

Quite a bit more work on the array-handling code in OpenGL-ctypes. It seems to be working properly now, and the number of OpenGLContext demos that are running is growing substantially (even have the first bitmap-based demo working (though it's a pretty simple demo, no PIL involved)).

Something wonky is going on with the GLUT bitmap ...

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