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What to work on when I get back? (GLU, GLE, GLUT, or Win32 and WGL)

Waiting for Rosey to get her hair dried before I can head off to gram's place. I'm hesitant to plow back into the GLU or GLUT stuff because I've burned so many hours spinning my wheels in there. GLE would be a nice "easy win" (I hope), and the Win32/WGL stuff should be straightforward. I ...

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New ctypes error-handling protocol (Simplifying code here and there...)

Thomas added a spiffy new protocol to ctypes to allow for registering error-checking functions for a ctypes cFunction. It's a pretty simple protocol, just assign to the errcheck attribute of the cFunction a function with a signature like so:
def glCheckError( 
"""Return final result or raise error"""
return result

With ...

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Full-content feeds for CoreBlog (Haven't yet figured out how to make the stylesheets work properly)

One of my readers noted that the Plumbing Life's Depths RDF feeds are rather skimpy in the amount of information included in them (only a very small snippet from the main body of the text). So I've added a full-content (but not extended-content) feed, i.e. a feed that has everything that appears on the main ...

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