Been thinking a lot lately about how to direct my energies into socially beneficial channels.  I'm still reasonably convinced that we need to focus on education, without that you're pretty much doomed to fall back into chaos with every blow.  I'm also reasonably convinced that some of the things that need to be taught are things that we don't seem to teach very well here; maybe every grade-school student should be learning civics, game theory, philosophy, psychology, moral leadership and political science?

If your populace doesn't demand good government, are they going to get it, or the same old corruption and decay?  If your people don't *feel* justice and fairness will they just let horrible things happen because it doesn't affect them?  So maybe reforming Canada's school system is where I should start.  Short-sighted self-interest is killing us, yet it's the overriding direction in which our society seems to be sliding.

Yes, somewhere in there is a computer game (or a series of them), something designed to let children explore and understand the nature of interconnection and inter-reliance, political expediency versus justice, etceteras.

Still, the idea of working on developing world medical services or NGO support services has its arguments.  It's certainly a more straightforward problem.


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