I was going to stop working a little while ago (Absolute URLs are evil... but oh so nice... but they're evil you said... yes... but evil can be very attractive...)

Don't know why, but I was suddenly struck with a feeling of loathing toward the absolute URLs scattered throughout Cinemon. These were relics of a time when I was considering emailing the whole web-front-end interface to users. All URL references are generated by code, so the code would add the site URL to everything.

Problem is that breaks when someone uses an IP address to visit the site, or they have a port redirect to make port 2001 show up as port 80, or they are accessing a virtual server...

So, I've just ripped out all of the absolute URLs. Of course, since they were all added programmatically it wasn't much of an operation. A new function to do fullURLs, and all of the original functions are now returning relative URLs. The one thing that needs full URLs (emails) is now using them, and everyone is happy. (Yes, yes, I know about the HTML base URL feature, I just don't like it... have written too many screen scrapers in my day to like that kind of stuff).


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