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I was going to stop working a little while ago (Absolute URLs are evil... but oh so nice... but they're evil you said... yes... but evil can be very attractive...)

Don't know why, but I was suddenly struck with a feeling of loathing toward the absolute URLs scattered throughout Cinemon. These were relics of a time when I was considering emailing the whole web-front-end interface to users. All URL references are generated by code, so the code would add the site URL to everything.

Problem ...

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Optimising and bug-fixing and upgrading all day... (Guess I really should produce new PySNMP-SE and TwistedSNMP releases)

First few hours of the day were spent optimising PySNMP and TwistedSNMP. Nothing huge, but about a 10% speedup in the Cinemon demo, which makes for a far more responsive web front-end. Then spent hours tracking down a bug in Adobe SVG (well, poor handling of a missing piece of data). Topped it off with ...

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