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Fumbling towards KDE (Get nVidia driver to load, but just a blank grey screen on startx)

Since the chance of getting any significant amount of work done before needing to leave for the meeting seems to be pretty close to nil, I've been working on the video-card problem. I rebuilt with the ~amd64 nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel stuff from source, no change.

However, when I did a search of the drivers/*.so directory ...

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Limping nVidia card (Vesa-driver only!)

Burnt off some of the excess energy last night trying to get the new video card working (there were some posts to the gentoo amd64 list that suggested the problem might be solved by updating to the ~amd64 drivers). No such luck.

Still, got the desktop running with the vesa driver so that I don't ...

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Fey Dream Creatures

The fey mood is upon me as I stare into the dark
Vibrating strings of reason holding me in check
There are grand dream-creatures roaming
Just beyond my shuttered sight
and I long to join them
and howl in darkest night

Stoic temperments

The problem with stoics is they shatter
They don't stretch like overtaxed steel
With moans and pings of stresss
They wake up one morning
Decide they've had enough
And walk away

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