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Dec. 27, 2004 - Jan. 2, 2005

Histogram turns out to be useless (So switched to working on "political" hierarchy)

Got the histogram code to the point where it proved it would be largely useless. Need to rethink that now. Interestingly, it proved out some of the wisdom of an "agile" approach. I've actually been bogged down for a while figuring out all of the logic required for the (rather generic) graph-drawing code. Today I ...

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Seriously considering not working tomorrow (Could use a week to catch up on everything...)

I've got so much piling up in PyOpenGL (and other projects) that I really should take a day or 5 to catch up. Though I suppose I could just focus on the work remaining for Cinemon. I don't know. This weekend has been a complete wash. Maybe I should just become a monk and spend ...

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