Too many regressions to release PyOpenGL (Way too long since I worked on it...)

I was intending to just sit down with PyOpenGL and do a release... but apparently I was right in the middle of something when I last worked on it. Nurbs was broken. Win32 just wouldn't work. Lots of little things.

Anyway, long story short, spent 12 hours or so on it, but it's just not there yet for a beta-1 release. It runs under Win2K under Qemu and under Linux natively, but it's not had enough testing to be considered beta-worthy yet.

Nurbs not working, in particular, is a serious issue. I could have sworn I had fixed that... but apparently not :( .


  1. zyf

    zyf on 12/18/2007 1:27 a.m. #

    I just start using pyopengl 3.0 alpha6. thanks for your working. Wish new version release soon.

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