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Nov. 7, 2005 - Nov. 13, 2005

Extensions move into CVS (OpenGL-ctypes grows by hundreds of modules in a few minutes...)

I've just checked the auto-generated extensions for OpenGL-ctypes into the Sourceforge CVS repository. The autogeneration is still quite crude, so expect any extension with glGet-like, pointer or image-based functionality to fail. I've also reworked the glget module to use the wrapper system, which makes it a much simpler module (and makes the patterns easier to ...

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Pleasant little party (Spend most of the evening talking about philosophy, psychology and academia...)

Nousha's party was well attended and lively. Rose brought along someone she'd met (Meagan), who is a U of T student studying Buddhism. We spent 3 or 4 hours discussing Kant, Hume and Freud as well as strategies and approaches to academic excellence.

Shane is reviewing and planning working on OpenGL-ctypes. I'm planning on taking ...

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Day in review (What was cool about the day...)

I guess the number one cool thing is that grams is fine. There's little pain from the surgery and she was in good spirits. The hospital has been dramatically remodelled since the last time I was there (to be checked for carpel tunnel syndrome years ago). Very pleasant foyer area. I wonder if anyone has ...

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On Goodness and Desire (Talk by Boyle and Lavin @ U of T)

Boyle and Lavin are attempting to address a fairly simple question, regarding whether all desires must wear the “guise of the good”:

Can a rational being desire that which it sees as “bad”?

Or, if you prefer:

Can we want something without seeing it as “good”?

Now, Boyle and Lavin note that until recently, the ...

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I feel like designing something today (Maybe it's just a graphic hangover from last night...)

I was doing quick mock-ups of the new product design last night. Nothing fancy, just throwing some text on a piece of paper to give investors an idea of that in which they'd be investing. But now my fingers... well, more my mind, actually... is itching to design something substantial.

What I should do, of ...

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Discussing ideas (I need sounding boards...)

Was talking to <elided> this evening (no, I didn't call, she did), and it reminded me that I really need to get some people with whom to discuss design theory. There's a couple of philosophy lectures tomorrow afternoon that I think I'll drop into. Maybe there will be someone interested there.

Going to visit grams ...

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Extensions start to take shape (A bit of OpenGL-ctypes hacking...)

I continued work on the extension wrapping code for OpenGL-ctypes this evening. The arb multitexture and arb window pos extensions both work correctly. I've extended the auto-generator such that we can add custom code directly after the auto-generated stuff to customise operation.

Anyway, the generator module is checked into CVS for those who want to ...

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Gentle hush of tickets falling (Moving toward launch as winter settles...)

Spent the entire day on the VoIP project, mostly on the Emergency Services (9-1-1) support. A bit of time toward the end on the proposal for the new business.

Dad's home from the hospital. Grams is still in surgery. I'm planning on dropping in to see her tomorrow afternoon.

Health problems suck more (Distracting...)

Dad's in to the hospital tomorrow, grams got taken in this evening with a broken hip (Rose is down visiting her now). Didn't really get into the UU meeting as a result. Still, discussing projects with Bryan got done, so the functional part of the evening was a success.

My back continues to be tightly ...

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