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Nov. 14, 2005 - Nov. 20, 2005

IT for Africa (Good people gather at Dan's potluck...)

Very pleasant evening at Dan's tonight. Spent most of the time talking with Carole and Simon (the second). Carole is one of those people you really have to admire. The last time we saw her (a year ago) she was trying to put together funding to work in Africa. Since then she's been in Africa ...

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Uneventful day (Hospital, philosophy, library, party...)

I didn't wind up getting any noticable amount of work done on the thesis yesterday. Turned out I was just too tired to read, and the philosophy lecture wasn't particularly relevant to my studies.

Had an interesting conversation with Suzanne (Sara's roommate), she mentioned a program at UofT that sounds like it would be a ...

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Sebeok's Introduction to Semiotics (Subway reading...)

Kind of freaky reading this book. The overlap with everything else is so large that at one point I almost put the book down with a "well, you know, if they'd thought about the implications of Kant this all would have been obvious, why didn't they just read Kant"... a few pages later the author ...

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To the Philosopher

Pluck silver threads of signs
From the dross of every day
Hold to Heaven's music
On warm Summer's night
Hold someone in your arms
Offer to the world your trinkets
Pattern draped on folded pattern
Silk sheets wrapped around sweet forms
Ignore that you will be ignored
Find a few to share your dreaming
Sitting ...

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Tricky those plasterers (They spring their presence on you at the last moment...)

This evening the plasterer finally showed up (only 7 days late) to let me know that they're starting work on the apartment tomorrow... which is to say the day I'm having people over (finally, after skipping it last week in anticipation of the apartment not yet having recovered from their work).

So, it'll be a ...

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Just kidding (TurboGears template language vs the old-code mess...)

Okay, I've officially gone way over my time for the day. I wanted to see if I could use a templating language to clean up some of the old-code cruft without having the project's owner have a heart attack. A good bit of time was spent trying to get kid installed. It uses a Python ...

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Ah, the piquant aroma of well-aged web code (Or, at least aged...)

Five and a half hours today restructuring a couple of web pages. These are basically huge (1000+ line) scripts with a handful of individual "functions", save that they aren't coded as actual functions, they're just conditional branches scattered throughout the script.

All the code's generated with print statements and embedded HTML strings (with all tags ...

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The joys of long-deferred todos (You defer them because they are ugly and nasty...)

Today I finally tackled one of the longstanding todos in the VoIP project, namely the point of interface between ISP account activation and VoIP account activation. Since the VoIP system is written to be largely independent of the ISP billing system there's a certain "energy barrier" whenever there's something needing to be done in the ...

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We need test code (Me writing a test for every extension will be a bit too slow...)

I continued working on OpenGL-ctypes for a few hours yesterday (until I fell asleep), just sitting down and writing test-cases for those extensions I have and using them to see if the extension modules are working. There's generally some work to do for every module that has a function using a pointer, out parameter, glGet* ...

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