StarPy Twisted Protocols for Asterisk AMI and Asterisk FastAGI (Release so early it's not even finished yet)

Rather than wait until it's all finished, why not dump the code on the unsuspecting world and let all two or three people who want to use Python with Asterisk play with it. This is still a very early engineering prototype (many of the functions have never been run, let along properly tested), so don't even think of running it in a production environment.

That said, the tarball of the source is available. Run install to get the package installed. Have fun all. There's no need to install anything into Asterisk (i.e. no need to recompile or change your Asterisk install), just tell asterisk to use AGI(agi://server) to access a FastCGI protocol, and tell your AMI protocol what username and secret to use to log into the manager interface.

[Much much later: the project now has its own home page with (limited) documentation.]


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