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She'd Retract It

So she'll no longer tell us
In her so-circumspect new verse
Of men hard within
Rubbing up against her skin
She'd retract the words
Pretend we'd never heard
Yet what harm if she's bedded
Those mortal yet god-headed
Who are we to judge it fall
When Zeus or 'pollo comes to call
Upon a gentle ...

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Admonition to the Hyades

Be gentle, gentle raining daughters
There's no man born worth
Tears so hot or sharp with pain
Their hearts are hard things
Rocks set against the seas
Not worthy of such devotion
Not capable of proper love
Forget then your wailing
Stop the rain from falling
To drench the o'er watered earth
Let your storms ...

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StarPy Twisted Protocols for Asterisk AMI and Asterisk FastAGI (Release so early it's not even finished yet)

Rather than wait until it's all finished, why not dump the code on the unsuspecting world and let all two or three people who want to use Python with Asterisk play with it. This is still a very early engineering prototype (many of the functions have never been run, let along properly tested), so don't ...

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Almost done the FastAGI protocol for Python (Almost as messy as the manager protocol)

I've built a FastAGI protocol for Twisted, just writing code now to test the various methods. Have already discovered that "HANGUP" doesn't seem to work from a FastAGI application (the MTA just stays on the line even after a hangup).

I've got the whole FastAGI API wrapped as a first-crack hack (at least, as much ...

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