Quite a few updates to VRML and OpenGLContext (Including remembering to check in the code (finally)...)

I got the basic routing code for the VRML97 scenegraph written... well... so long ago I don't even recall when... months anyway. However, I never actually checked it into the repository. Oops!

Today, I blew away my old vrml/* checkout and got a fresh version on my workstation... and then all the new features stopped working. I do the source distros from the workstation, so the code images have had the changes when I build them, but I wound up having to do a manual merge of all the changes for Numpy operation and all those for the routing system. Sigh.

Upshot is that the VRML97 package has now got its own setup.py (so that it can be a separate downloadable package eventually), includes an export/fork of PyDispatcher (so that it doesn't have a conflict with the setuptools "dispatch" thing), and supports (with the checked-in code) the various interpolator classes that have been in OpenGLContext for a while now, as well as allowing for the use of Numpy or Numeric (preference given to Numpy).

FontTools usage is still broken, I'm not sure it can be fixed without altering FontTools (I'm just doing a font['glyph'] query, it's breaking within FontTools from what looks like a "you can't index with a non-int" problem that Numpy has made so common by returning non-ints from what used to produce ints (yay!) ).


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