Suspend problems...

Since updating the Kubuntu Jaunty on my main laptop (Lenovo w500) I've lost my hard-won suspend/resume support that I had with Hardy.  If I have nothing running, happy days, suspend/resume works perfectly through multiple cycles.  Certain apps running, no problem suspending/resuming, but Thunderbird and Firefox, I get a dead black screen on an otherwise fully resumed machine.

I'm guessing Thunderbird and Firefox are using OpenGL accelleration for their rendering, so they're falling afoul of the same problems that cause this dead-black-screen issue when compiz is enabled.  There should be something that can tell fglrx to reset itself after a resume, but I haven't googled what that would be just yet.  There should be some setting/process somewhere to tell X to reinitialize the driver, maybe sending an expose event to the root window when it's done.

It is particularly frustrating because the machine restores, I can ssh in and see everything restored perfectly well, except for the screen being "off".  For now, I'm still stuck without the ability to suspend/resume reliably.  That really cuts into my day's productivity, as without it working on the train on the way to the caffe just isn't effective (I spend most of the trip just getting my work environment restored).  Ah well, doesn't look like I'll solve it tonight.


  1. C. Scott Ananian

    C. Scott Ananian on 06/09/2009 3:45 p.m. #

    In the past I've had some success recovering this situation by changing to a virtual terminal and then changing back. Maybe that will work for you?

  2. Mike C. Fletcher

    Mike C. Fletcher on 06/10/2009 10:22 a.m. #

    Unfortunately no, I've tried switching terminals, killing the X server, sending sysreqs to try to kill all processes, etceteras. It seems that the driver has put the hardware into some state that requires some sort of magic incantation to pop it out.

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